Chief Instructor: Sifu John C. Loupos - Since 1968

Do You Have Dreams, or Do You Have Goals?

by Sifu John Loupos

Everybody who walks through the Jade Forest door has in mind, somewhere in the depths of their consciousness, the idea of improving themselves. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are hoping to be somehow better off as a result of your studies, either at Kung Fu or at Tai Chi. It is a dream we all share. However, it is not the dream that we seek. What we seek is the reality. How then can we go about converting our dreams into our realities?

One effective method is by committing yourself to a course of action, that is by starting with a goal. A Œgoal’ is different from a dream. What’s the difference between having a dream and having a goal? Your dreams exist only in your mind, but in order for them to manifest as realities they need to evolve beyond the concept stage. They need to make that first shift from non-material/ethereal to material/concrete. Your goals are the quasi-tangible intermediate steps between whimsy and reality.

How do you go about enacting that first step? Begin by figuring out what your Kung Fu or Tai Chi dream is. Then write your dream down. Very simple. Very easy. Very painless. Very effective. Write your dream down with pen on paper and you have the beginning of something concrete. With the stroke of a pen you now have a goal. You can look at it each morning to remind and reinspire yourself in the pursuit of that which has now become your goal or goals. I did this when I was thirteen. I wrote down three goals - two of which I accomplished literally, and one I accomplished only metaphorically, but still to my satisfaction. Those of you who study here at Jade Forest are the beneficiaries of two of my three goals.

I could write on length about how to do this in your life, or what goals you might consider, or how this technique can be applied elsewhere in your life, etc. But, no need. You now have the basic idea. Do you think this is a good idea? If so, act on it.

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