Chief Instructor: Sifu John C. Loupos - Since 1968

Swaying in the Breeze - $15

for Improved Balance & Proprioception

This is the latest in a series of guided lesson CDs designed by John Loupos C.S.E., M.S. to help you assume a proper stewardship of your own body.

Ideal for Tai Chi'ers, Yoga enthusiasts, and anyone involved in a sport or fitness discipline that calls for unerring balance and agility, as well as for persons whose natural sense of balance and proprioception has been compromised due to age or injury... this learning series will help you to stand straighter and to organize and move your body with more surety and certitude.

"Swaying in the Breeze" requires little more output of effort than is required to stand in place. Yet the benefits you'll gain from a mere several practice sessions will have you moving as if your body has suddenly gotten 'smarter'.

No special equipment... no bells, whistles, digital thingies, or special clothing are required, not even a yoga mat. You can practice these lessons anytime and anywhere. Pick up your CD today and start improving yourself. 60 min.

Body movement & education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

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