Chief Instructor: Sifu John C. Loupos - Since 1968

Tai Chi

Sifu John: Recently I had a check-up with my neurologist for my Parkinson's (have had for two years now), and she pointed out how I have improved from my previous check-up four months previous. She felt that the improvements had to do with Tai Chi, which I have been practicing since August of 2011, and the exercises that go with it. The reason I started Tai Chi was that it was suggested for improving my balance. My balance has improved but still has a way to go. My walking, posture etc have shown great improvement since starting Tai Chi. As you know there is no cure for PD, but medication, exercise, etc. helps to slow down the progression. I also think Somatics, which I have just started, will also help in many ways.

I wanted to share this with you and to thank you for help and guidance.

Pete C.