About Jade Forest

Jade Forest Kung Fu - Tai Chi - Internal Arts

What is Jade Forest?

Jade Forest is a multi-resource martial arts training facility. We offer core curriculums in the Praying Mantis and Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin) styles of Kung Fu as well as programs in traditional Yang Style Tai Chi and the rarer internal Liu Ho Ba Fa system. In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we also offer workshop / seminar presentations on related martial and healing disciplines.

Jade Forest Kung Fu/ Tai Chi/ Internal Arts is the South Shore’s finest martial arts training facility. Sifu John C. Loupos founded Jade Forest as an autonomous entity in 1995 after having taught in affiliation with other teachers and organizations since 1968. Jade Forest offers separate programs for Pee Wee’s, Children, Juniors, and Adults (Kung Fu or Tai Chi), and prides itself on the friendly, family-like atmosphere that characterizes our school.

At Jade Forest we train hard and take our martial arts seriously, but we emphasize Kung Fu and Tai Chi as personal development tools even as they are traditionally fighting arts.

Why Jade Forest?

During his more than 50 years in martial arts Sifu John Loupos has reigned as a regional forms and weapons champion and produced quite a number of regional and national champions in their own right, attesting to the high level of martial arts skills taught at our school. Most importantly, our Jade Forest programs can help students to achieve their best in terms of their own human potential. Sifu Loupos shares openly of his wealth of knowledge in Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and related disciplines to all who are willing to take the time and make the effort to learn. Kung Fu training at Jade Forest includes: stretching and conditioning, basic exercises, traditional Kung Fu hand forms, and over 20 different kinds of weapons, plus self defense applications, Kung Fu history and philosophy. Our entry level classes (see schedule link) are appropriate for all levels and ages. Sifu Loupos is also available for teaching workshops and seminars off site in any of the disciplines included in our regular curriculum.