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Kidz’ and Kung

Meet the Teacher

Sifu John Loupos has been teaching martial arts to kids since 1968. He holds a Masters of Science Degree in Psychology and has authored several books on teaching martial arts, including a children’s book. One of Sifu John’s guiding principles in teaching martial arts to children and young adults is that students will rise to the expectations placed on them. Of course, those expectations must be reasonable and appropriate for the youngsters in question for them to derive the greatest benefit. This is where more than 50 years of teaching experience makes the difference.

Kids class

At Jade Forest we specialize in kids of all ages. Martial arts as taught here at Jade Forest represents one of the healthiest participatory activities available for kids today. Youngsters at Jade Forest learn self-defense skills to protect themselves from bullies, along with self control and improved focusing and concentration skills.

What Really Sets Us Apart

  1. our sensitivity to youngsters as unique and developing individuals,
  2. our emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving processes,
  3. our attention to an enhanced capacity for delayed gratification as a behavioral asset, &
  4. our emphasis on ‘process’ over ‘goal’.

How We Do It

We accomplish this by teaching by example and by keeping our classes novel and fun. In today’s world Kung Fu is an ideal method and model for helping kids to build both strong bodies and strong character.

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu also offers an opportunity for kids to be exposed to the modern legacy and values of another culture. Kung Fu is a true living philosophy. Our programs encourage the traditional values of respect, patience, and personal responsibility. As such, the art and science of Kung Fu at Jade Forest can have a lasting and lifelong impact on the lives of those who undertake its practice. Kids of all ages love our programs, and parents rave about their kids’ Jade Forest experience.

Our Kids Programs

Pee Wee’s – Our PW’s class is fun, first and foremost, and secondly about personal organization. The kids at this age are absolutely certain they are young masters-in-the-making… after all, the world revolves around them. This class caters to the shorter attention span of 4 and 5 yr olds. We cover a range of very basic skill activities in a short enough time span that the kids never get bored. Sifu Loupos is very animated with the PW’s and this tends to keep them excited about coming back to class week after week.

Kids – 6 – 9 yr olds are developmentally more inclined to interact with the world around them. As compared to the Pee Wee’s class, the Kids get a little more exposure to the technical aspects of Kung Fu with basic skills such as kicking, blocking, simple floor drills, and so on. We encourage a balance of teamwork and individual autonomy. Once the kids have been in class for a requisite period (usually 3 months) they are eligible to acquire safety gear and participate in the monthly sparring class where they learn how to actually apply their skills in a closely supervised sparring format. Teamwork and good sportsmanship take precedence over winning.

Advanced Kids – By invitation only.

Juniors – 10- 12 yr olds are ready to take on the world. And before they do it’s important that they learn how to fit into it. This class emphasizes more technique and memorization work than the Kids classes. The Juniors are held to a higher standard of personal accountability as regards both performance and behavior. Developing parameters, such as learning to distinguish between times when socializing with their classmates is okay, versus when they need to get down to work, sets a model for future growth. At this level the students begin to ascend the hierarchy of the various Kung Fu skills and techniques.

Young Adults – Usually, by age 13 or so, young teens are ready for assimilation into the Adult class level. Exactly when this takes place can vary from youngster to youngster. In general, adolescence is a great time for kids to be establishing healthy lifestyle and exercise habits – all this in an environment which both supports and guides them as they assume more charge of their own lives.


Pee Wee’s, Children and Jrs meet 1x/wk. We offer a selection of days and times to choose from. Young Adults (13+) participate in our regular evening classes. See schedule for exact times.


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“Childhood is very much about developing autonomy and a strong sense of inner structure in balance with appropriate interactions with the world around.
Kung Fu at Jade Forest teaches kids to trust in their own potential.”

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