Birthday Parties

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Birthday Parties

We are available to conduct birthday parties or other special events for your childrens group in-house at Jade Forest or at your chosen local location. All rates remain the same. Parties may be confirmed with a deposit of $50, payable to Jade Forest.

  • For parties up to 14 children – $15/ child, $100 minimum.
  • 15-25 children – $10/ child. $175 min.

Party time, from start to cleanup, lasts for up to 1 hour. Cake and ice cream/ gift opening at the school will be accomodated. Host parents are responsible for helping w/ clean-up .

For parties scheduled at the school host parents should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to starting time. Other parents should be advised to drop off kids up to 5 minutes prior to starting time (not before), and to pick up promptly at designated time. Host parents are responsible for any late pick-ups.

Safety is always our first concern, so for large groups I’ll try to arrange for one of my own assistants to be present. Host parents are encouraged to invite a couple/few extra parents to be on hand if possible. A minimum of 2 parents must be on hand for groups of 15 or more kids.

What we’ll do with your kids:

All children (and parents) will have FUN!!! Children will learn the rules of the school (bowing on entering, how to address the teacher, how to respect the space, etc). Plus, the kids will learn simple, fun, and easy to grasp Kung Fu moves, along with reminders on how not to use what they learn inappropriately. We’ll include Kung Fu learning games appropriate to the ages of the group. And, of course, the birthday boy or girl will be kept in the limelight with special attention.

Parents are welcome to bring their cameras for snapshots or movies.