Professional Training

Jade Forest Kung Fu - Tai Chi - Internal Arts

Professional Training

Attention Teachers, Workshop Organizers:

For individuals or groups other than regular Jade Forest students there are a selection of alternative training options.

Instructors and Professional level students:

Sifu Loupos welcomes teachers and professional level students for accelerated internal or external style training. Visit Jade Forest for a weekend or a week to hone your skills or add new material to your existing base of knowledge. Instruction is available in external styles (Praying Mantis or Bak Sil Lum Kung Fu, & Kung Fu weapons), or internal disciplines (Yang style Tai Chi/ weapons, Liu He Ba Fa, & Chi Kung). Sifu Loupos is also available for consultations in school administration and business ethics.

Corporations / educational entities:

You may arranage for Sifu Loupos to address your employee or student base on traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, stress management, healthy living/ exercise habits, etc.

Host a Seminar:

One of the best, and most convenient, means for teachers to advance their studies and/or provide additional service to their existing student base is to host a guest teacher. Sifu Loupos is available for travel to your location with a range of curriculum options, including:


  • Traditional 108 move Yang Tai Chi form (3 parts, 4 wkends, approx 40 hrs),
  • Tai Chi Gim (2 parts, 2 wkends, 20 hrs),
  • Tai Chi Saber (2 parts, 2 wkends, 20 hrs),
  • Rainy Day Tai Chi (2-3 hrs),
  • Incense Chi Kung (2-3 hrs),
  • Ba Gua 8 Animals Chi Kung (1 hr/ animal),
  • Liu He Ba Fa (4 parts, 40 hrs),
  • Tai Chi basics – Introduction to Tai Chi, Tai Chi Corrections,
  • Principles of Tai Chi (variable), and more.


  • Praying Mantis, Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin), Weapons.
  • Hanna Somatics – “Myth of Aging” exercises in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, a wonderful complement to any traditional martial arts training program.


To find out more about any of the above, including rates and availability contact Sifu John Loupos directly. Thank you.