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Internal Arts

Internal Arts

Aside from Tai Chi Chuan, there are a variety of other internal diciplines available at Jade Forest.

Liu He Ba Fa

Liu He Ba Fa, or Water Boxing, as it is often referred to, is a rarer hybrid style. Most similar in outward appearance to Tai Chi, Liu He Ba Fa combines the distinguishing features of Hsing Yi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi into one practice pattern. It is most appropriate for students already versed in some other (preferably internal) martial arts discipline. Direct inquiries to Sifu Loupos.

Qigong (Chi Kung)

Qigong is a generic term used to describe practices that combine the attention and intention of the mind with a conscious and deliberate attention to breath. Qigong exercises may be stationary or dynamic. Generally, use of the term Qigong is confined in its application to exercises adjunct to Chinese Kung Fu or other Internal Arts, i.e., Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Ba Gua. Some forms of Qigong are ‘simple’ while others are complex and formulaic. Additionally, there is a whole separate field of medical Qigong employed in the treatment of certain illnesses.

Jade Forest offers Qigong in the former two categories. Simple Qigong, drawing on practices from the Taoist and Buddhist traditions, is an integral part of our regular Tai Chi program. The purpose of this type of Qigong is for opening the body, and increasing its strength, flexibility, and resilience, while balancing the body’s natural energy patterns. Simple Qigong is a perfect adjunct to Tai Chi Chuan training.

Taoist Internal Practices

Jade Forest also offers instruction, usually in workshop format, in more comprehensive Chi Kung curriculums, The Microcosmic Orbit meditation practice is a cornerstone for internal energy development. In this class, students learn how to awaken and circulate Chi (life force energy) through the body’s two primary acupuncture channels. This is of particular benefit for those already involved in other forms of energy work as circulating energy in the Microcosmic Orbit can help to avoid many of the problems typically associated with incorrect energy practice elsewhere in one’s training.

Also available is instruction in Iron Shirt Chi Kung, a more dynamic practice involving a series of several stationary postures. The postures themselves are exacting. They serve to teach the student about the body’s internal structure so that one can always enjoy a (rooted) mechanical advantage to augment whatever muscular force is already available. The Iron Shirt breathing techniques serve to cultivate a reservoir of Chi in the Dantien and to reinforce the Wei Chi function (Wei Chi being the body’s first line of defense against illness and injury). Iron Shirt is recommended for all martial arts students as the language and principles of body structure are universal.

Still More Internal Practices

Jade Forest regularly hosts guest Masters in related martial and healing disciplines. Past guest teachers have included (late) Wei Lun Huang (Miami), (late) Lee Koon Hung, Li En Jiu (Jinan, China), (late) Dr. Xie Pequi (Beijing) and Mantak Chia (Thailand), and Prof. Zhang Guangde (Beijing, China). See our Calendar section for more information on upcoming special events.