Sifu Loupos Appears as Special Guest on Children’s TV Segment

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Sifu Loupos Appears as Special Guest on Children’s TV Segment

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About the show: “JoJo’s DreamCart,” targeting kids ages 5-10, is currently listed in in over 100 cities and towns in Massachusetts and New York. JoJo’s DreamCart is filled with DreamThings that inspire new ideas and allow children to explore their dreams through the worlds of art, science, music, humor, and wisdom.

Dream Cart creator Joanne LaRiccia (JoJo) developed this interactive show with the advice and support of local children’s TV legend Rex Trailer whose “Boomtown” ran for 20 years on WBZ-TV in Boston. The show’s philosophy, JoJo says, “is for children to believe in themselves and their dreams” to motivate them to develop their self esteem, and their dreams can come true!” JoJo’s DreamCart is full of dream things that inspire children to guess the dream of the day. These dream things promote positive advice, such as it takes 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and don’t let those negative nono’s in life tell you that you cannot attain your dreams.

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