Functional Differentiation of the Lumbar, Thoracic, & Cervical Spine – Somatics CD Series from John Loupos

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Functional Differentiation of the
Lumbar, Thoracic, & Cervical Spine – $15

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Announcing – The 1st of Several… New Somatics CD Series from John Loupos

Do you remember when you were a kid, and looking back to the rear over your shoulder while backing up your car made for such a casual gesture that you’d toss your head around without a second thought? For most folks over the age of 40 or 50 those days are long gone. If twisting to look behind now entails a more concerted effort… if turning your head to either direction has devolved from a near automatic motion into one necessarily slower and more thought-out, perhaps even a whole body affair, than this CD series is for you. The lessons contained in this series are just as applicable for constricted mobility in your lower and middle back areas, or in your torso, as they are for tightness in your neck and shoulders. ‘Functional Differentiation…’ (for short) is a remarkable series of movement patterns that will have listeners immediately feeling a marked difference in their spinal flexibility, and not just in terms of twisting from side to side, but as regards forward/ backward bending and arching, and side tilting as well.

(Sidebar: Now there’s a bit of a story here. I have to be candid, right off, in revealing just how I developed the idea for this unique movement series. As someone one who likes to take my winter vacations in the Caribbean I love soaking up those warm rays of sunshine. However, ever since that one time that I burned badly, nearly ruining my whole vacation, I’ve opted for a pre-travel base tan at my local tanning center (I regard this as the lesser of two evils), so as to avoid getting a sunburn once I hit the beach. One pre-vacation morning, while standing upright in my local tanning booth, the idea occurred to me that I could move my body according to certain planes of motion, even given the constraints of the booth, in order to make the very most of my time (I tend to be a multi-tasker). What I discovered was that in the time it took me to tan (5 – 7 minutes) I was able to increase my rotational ability (twisting/turning from side to side) by nearly double… all this without any ‘stretching’ in the usual sense, simply by applying the Somatics principles of sensory awareness and differentiation to my body while standing upright, even in a confined space.)

Following the success at my initial trials with axial rotation patterns, it made sense to develop, as well, patterns addressing the spine’s other two planes of motion. The result is a new series of Somatics movement patterns that will help you to restore suppleness, pliability and resilience to your own spine.

This CD learning series contains 3 lessons. In these lessons you’ll explore along your spine’s three planes of mobility. Order your copy today and start maneuvering your spine like a kid again. 78 minutes.

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