Movements for Sensing & Freeing the Sacrum & Cranium for Tai Chi’ers & other human beings – Somatics CD Series from John Loupos

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Movements for Sensing & Freeing
the Sacrum & Cranium – $15

Somatics CD Cover

for Tai Chi’ers & other human beings

by John Loupos

Long time Tai Chi teacher and author John Loupos is also a student and teacher of Hanna Somatics and maintains a private clinical practice in same. John regards Tai Chi Chuan and Hanna Somatics as intelligent, even necessary, co-practices – as mutually supportive as one side of a coin to its opposite. This CD learning series is John’s latest project in his continuing quest to provide educational guidance for Tai Chi’ers and other individuals who want to live in their bodies in the best way.

In this CD learning series John includes four lessons, plus an insightful postscript. Listen and follow along to learn how to regain awareness and full voluntary control of the most central regions of your body by attending dually to the movement potential of the sacroiliac arrangement below and the neck and cranium above. In Tai Chi, as in other body disciplines such as dance, yoga, golf, martial arts, and competitive sports, your level of performance is entirely contingent on the degree of control you are able to exercise over your body. It stands to reason that you can’t control what you can’t feel. These unique lessons are designed to help you incrementally optimize your sensory motor awareness and proprioceptive literacy so that you can feel and control your body in order to achieve your personal best. Order your copy of Movements for Sensing & Freeing the Sacrum & Cranium today.

Body movement & education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

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