Where Breath Meets Qi: Perineal Breathing & More – Somatics CD Series from John Loupos

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Where Breath Meets Qi: Perineal Breathing & More – $15

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Get Your Qi Unstuck & Improve Your Libido

Now Available: A New Somatics CD Series

This unique approach to conscious and conscientious breathing and somatic organization makes for an invaluable practice adjunct for anyone involved in mindful disciplines, whether it be yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, or just livin in your body in the best way you can. The lessons in this learning series offer a truly unique blending of some of the best and most healthful methods drawn from the traditions of East and West.

Lesson 1 will introduce you to the nuances of abdominal breathing, and establish a foundation for how you can better manage your most central muscles and use your breath to begin to activate Qi energy along your body’s major energy pathways.

Lesson 2 will guide you in learning to micromanage your breath toward increased control of the muscles at and around your pelvic floor. Increased control of these muscles can provide health benefits as regards; virility, erectile dysfunction, constipation, eliminative function, menstrual and menopausal issues, incontinence, hemorrhoids, and more, as well as making for improvement in your overall energy level. These lessons can also help you to better manage your Qi, by undoing impediments that might otherwise interfere with its uninterrupted and balanced flow, and by improving your Wei Qi (as your energy system’s first line of defense against illness and injury) function. 72 minutes.

Body movement & education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

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